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Instructions for Cheeksavers

Choose the size of bracket cap needed, place over bracket to protect the problem area.

End caps are a great help if your wire is irritating you in the back of your mouth, simply place the end cap over the wire until you can see your orthodontist.

Cheeksavers be used as an appliance to deliver Topical Flouride. Place flouride in the cheeksaver bracket cap and place over the bracket in areas where patients have difficulty with proper hygiene.

Cheeksavers are great if you are involved in sports or any other physical activity- simply place a bracket cap wherever it is needed to protect your cheeks and lips. Remove, Clean & Reuse.

Cheeksaver caps are easy to take off and place back on after eating or brushing teeth.


I tried CHEEKSAVERS with my daughter Alisha, and she loved them. Alisha was constantly having pain and discomfort when her braces were adjusted and when she first got them on. Wax did not seem to help her, but CHEEKSAVERS DID!!!

Thank you CHEEKSAVERS!!!

Rebecca R Suisun City, California

My son Keegan, was really struggling with irritation and canker sores when his wire was adjusted on his braces. I received CHEEKSAVERS and had him try them. He found them easy to put on and off and preferred them over wax. We recommend CHEEKSAVERS and use them currently with our younger son who is 12 years old.

Keldon B Idaho Falls, Idaho

I was given a pack of CHEEKSAVERS from our friends who’s son has tried them. Our 12 year old daughter really likes them and immediately preferred them over wax, and she was able to put them on and off herself.
I highly recommend CHEEKSAVERS for anyone who wears Braces.

Karen W.

Every time my sons braces were adjusted he really suffered with irritation inside his mouth. We tried wax and it never seemed to work. We were recommended CHEEKSAVERS and he found immediate relief. They were so easy for him to use himself and he could take them out to brush and put right back in. Thank you CHEEKSAVERS! What a great product!

Larry S